Music Mile's Priorities and Plans for 2021

Music Mile Marketing and Programming Plan for 2021

NOTE: The following activities have been approved by the Music Mile board and stakeholders as priorities, based on availability of funding and human resources. Within this plan, we try to stay ready to pivot on a moment's notice if COVID deals any more surprises.

Objective: To execute marketing and programming initiatives that support Music Mile’s strategic priorities which are:

Help: short-term, urgent assistance for artists and venues – financial, advocacy – but also to help the economic and social revival of the City and tourism.

Engage: friend-raising, building new relationships (neighbours, fans, industry, funders, governments), encouraging independent action to support Music Mile, keeping MM top of mind.

Amplify: Our job is to amplify what the presenters on the Mile are doing. Programming is intended to amplify or make possible our artists’, venues’ and other presenters’ programs.

Build Anticipation: Some great, bold, fun thing(s) we can build up to and get all of Calgary looking forward to.


Priority Tactics

1. Website Refresh + Content Plan:  Enables Music Mile to engage digitally with its stakeholders, provide a hub for artist resources and information about shows and venues, and further build Music Mile’s brand as a go-to for all things local music.

Primary Themes Served: Amplify, Engage


 2. Music Mile To Go / Friday Night Live: A continuation of our combo virtual/live music shows, which enables us to direct funds to venues and artists, generate awareness of Music Mile and local venues and artists, create great entertainment for audiences, and build anticipation of future in-person live shows. We have a great template from summer 2020 that we can build on and fine tune.

Primary Themes Served: Help, Engage, Amplify, Build Anticipation


3. Busker Program: A busker/street performer festival or program in the spring/summer supports placemaking on Music Mile and puts artists to work. A seed program that pays artists and promotes programs will attract impromptu buskers. Outdoors is a good location for live music during COVID. 

Primary Themes Served: Help, Amplify


4. Song Writing Contest: Engages Calgary’s songwriters in writing and recording a theme song for Music Mile. Prizing may include studio time. Showcases local song-writing talent; this COVID-friendly corollary program could include online songwriting workshops; generates awareness of Music Mile; creates additional marketing asset for Music Mile. 

Primary Themes Served: Engage, Amplify


 5. Youth First Mondays: Provides young artists in Calgary an opportunity to perform at a variety of venues; always includes mentorship and fellowship opportunities for youth; directs funding to venues and artists; demonstrates the importance of the long-term sustainability of Music Mile and Calgary’s music community; provides audiences with great entertainment. 

Primary Themes Served: Help, Engage, Amplify Key


6. Stakeholder Meetings: Currently held every two months, stakeholder meetings are an opportunity for Music Mile to gather with its varied stakeholders to have helpful, informative conversations about the present and future of Calgary’s live music community. Primary Themes Served: Help, Engage, Amplify


 7. Big Post-COVID Event: A big event post-COVID to celebrate the return of live music. Before it launches, we can use it to build anticipation among artists & Calgarians. 

 Primary Themes Served: Engage, Amplify, Build Anticipation


 8. Music Mile’s Promo and Pop-Up Event Tent: We have a beautiful Music Mile tent that we take to the Inglewood Night Market and other events. We also have used it in the past to teach free uke lessons on the street to passersby. We will develop a 2021 program for the tent, with the help of MM’s Volunteer Coordinator. It can also be used on short notice for small surprise concerts.

Primary Themes Served: Engage, Amplify, Help 

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