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August Artist Feature: Angela Wrigley

Angela Wrigley was destined to be a singer. Literally, before she was born her father said, “I hope she’s a girl and I hope she can sing.” In 2017, the Angela Wrigley Trio was born. Dave and Derek both lent their own creative influences to Angela’s compositions and arrangements, creating their unique, sultry sound. The trio plays a diverse mix of classic jazz standards, soulful originals and creative reinterpretations of rock and pop hits. We're thrilled that Angela entered a workplace talent contest, TC's Got Talent, and donated the considerable funds she raised to Music Mile! Follow Angela and her trio on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

Angela has shows coming up on Music Mile: July 31 at Cafe Gravity and August 22 at 2pm on the JazzYYC Jazz Festival mainstage.


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